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Porkkalan lukio is a coeducational upper secondary school, located in Kirkkonummi, southern Finland. In addition to day-time classes, we offer classes in the evenings for adults and young students in the Upper Secondary School for Adults (Porkkalan lukion aikuislinja). We have approximately 550 students.

Our aim is to give a good, all-round education to our students. We provide a solid basis for further studies by offering a wide selection of specialised courses, in addition to the national curriculum courses.  Our academic results have been well above the national average.


Porkkalan lukio caters for students with special interests. In addition to academic studies, they can choose several optional courses in Physical Education or Art and Media. The early morning Physical Education classes for those who either do sports at competition level or for their own well-being are extremely popular. The Art and Media- related courses include, for example, versatile courses in journalism, photography, drama and music workshops, through which the students can express their artistic skills. It is also possible to complete an Upper Secondary School Diploma in these subjects.

Among our strengths is a wide selection of courses in Mathematics, Sciences and English as well as in Humanities. We also offer Swedish as A-language and French, German, Spanish and Russian as B2/B3-languages.

We provide our students a solid basis for their further studies. There are several courses which prepare them for the Matriculation Examination. We also have co-operation with universities; our students can learn about the academic world during their upper secondary school studies.

We aim to teach our students good academic skills. We also have a good support network, which consists of a special education teacher, a psychologist, a school nurse, a school social worker and three school councellors. The special education teacher helps students with learning difficulties in close co-operation with the subject teachers. For those who need more help at the beginning of their studies, especially in Maths and languages, we have courses that revise the basics and teach learning strategies. There is also support teaching for those in need.

Apart from studies there is a range of other activities during the school year. The annual musical production by the students and the second-year prom (“Wanhojen Tanssit”) are among the highlights of the year. Other activities include for example pre-Christmas party (“Puurojuhla”) and the third- and fourth-graders’ school-leaving celebration (“Penkkarit”).


Kirkkonummi is situated in a beautiful countryside environment; however, Helsinki is easily accessible by public transport.

Our school has a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly staff, who are used to dealing with foreign exchange students. An added advantage of attending our school is that we offer Finnish lessons co-operation with adult education centre in Kirkkonummi. for our exchange students to help them get adjusted.

The school year runs from mid-August till late May or early June. The year is divided into five study periods, each of which lasts about eight weeks. At the end of each study period we have an exam week. The exchange students are expected to take a minimum of four courses in each study period.

“ Even though it has sometimes been hard, I will never forget my time here in Kirkkonummi and Porkkalan lukio. This experience gives you so many chances of learning, and I’m not talking only about school stuff! I hope others can enjoy this experience as much as I did.”

– Francesca, Italy, 2009-2010