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Porkkalan lukio in a nutshell

We aim to give our students a good, all-round education and teach them good academic skills for their further studies. We also have co-operation with universities and local businesses. Our curriculum provides a wide selection of courses in Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities and Languages, including French, German, Russian and Spanish as optional languages. Our academic results have been above the national average.

In addition to academic studies, students can choose several optional courses in Physical Education, Art and Music. The early morning Physical Education classes for those who either do sports at competition level or for their own well-being are extremely popular.

Information for foreign exchange students

Porkkalan lukio is an upper secondary school in Kirkkonummi, with approximately 600 students. Kirkkonummi is situated in southern Finland, about 35 km from Helsinki, which is easily accessible by public transport.

Our school has a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly staff, who are used to dealing with foreign exchange students. The local Adult Education Centre (Kansalaisopisto) offers Finnish lessons for our exchange students to help them get adjusted.

The school year runs from mid-August till late May or early June. The year is divided into five study periods, each of which lasts about eight weeks. At the end of each study period we have an exam week. The exchange students are expected to take five courses in each study period and sit exams or write essays during the exam week.

The second-year prom (“Wanhojen Tanssit”) is among the highlights of the year.

Here you can find some information about Kirkkonummi:

Here are some exchange students’ comments:

”My time at this high school will be an important and unforgettable memory for me.

There are many things that are different from Japanese schools. There are many differences from Japanese schools, such as more computer-based lessons, free and tasty school lunches, teacher-student relationships, etc. Those and the language barrier were difficult and hard at times. But I still managed because of the help of the teachers and students.

Thank you, everyone!”  

– Nene Naito, Japan, 2022-2023


The first two words that come to mind thinking about Porkkalan Lukio are welcoming and accessible.

Since the very first day as an exchange student, I was supported in every aspect of the school life (from the cafeteria location to the choice of classes) by both teachers and students. The network they ensured around me helped me integrate in a completely new and foreign environment: they made sure to include me in the many activities the school provides and supplied aid whenever needed.

– Margherita Razzi, Italy, 2022-2023